5 Things to Consider Before Designing a Logo

Everything about your business is linked to that single picture and it reflects you better than a network event salesman could ever do.


#1-History of Your Company

Bring something special from your history, like building specifics or fun story, to the forefront of your design. McDonald’s is little known since it was in its original architecture, defined by golden arches. KFC uses the Colonel logo that has cooked its famous recette. In and outside of fast food, there are a lot of brands that have a node in their logo about their past. This is an insightful little gift that makes people remember you.

For instance, take Bellas, a pretending San Francisco shop. The store sells Bohemian dresses including long, flowing skirts, loose squirrels, crop tops and floral headbands. Let’s say, for instance, it was three sisters who launched the company. These sophisticated businessmen are able to reflect this in their logo and yet express a little imagination. Notice how the logo appears as a flower that reflects their natural environment and how they use the girls’ silhouette to pay homage to the origins of the company.

#2- Colour Psychology

Colour has a great impact on how your logo is viewed. In reality, according to a number of experts, it can increase brand awareness by up to 80% across the board. Each shade means something different and has various implications depending on how it is used.
Consider your brand personality and your feeling before you settle on a colour. Will you have to be taken seriously by the law firm? If that is the case, you do not have a bright red. How about a house-leasing bounce service that wants everyone ready for a good time? So it makes no sense to go with a silly white or grey guy


#3 – Simplicity & Proportion

Generally, simple, easy logos are usually more efficient than overly detailed logos. The easier the design, the more likely the “Golden Ratio” is to be achieved, the more math you evaluate the two volumes ratio.
This idea was built back in the day by Greek sculptor Phidias to direct the Parthenon ‘s building. From then on, the Sistine Chapel and the Pyramids of Giza have been used as a reference to extraordinary architecture. It is also used in modern company logos such as Pepsi, Toyota and Disney.

The golden standard is marked by balance. This is a quality that you want in your business and should, therefore, use in your logo. Luckily, it’s super simple to check whether you have this pattern in the golden ratio calculator by entering your measurements.

#4 – How the Font Will Appear

Some serious typeface misfortunes have occurred in the past, totally destroying a few ads.

A bad choice of fonts can lead to serious misunderstandings. Make sure to note the font that influences people’s impressions of your brand while creating a logo. You are likely to be the laughable stock in the business world if, for instance, you use Comic Sans. Don’t be hesitant when asking for a second opinion, if you’re not sure about your font choice! You want to ensure that your design is readable and consistent.

#5 – Visual Appeal

Why build a standardized triangle if you have an esthetic attraction? In an ideal world, t-shirts, shopping and Snapchat ads are designed by your style. It makes sense to come across something that happily meets the eye.

Even with your image, it is important to be consistent. Your logo familiarizes people and provides them with certain expectations. This can be a catastrophe recipe to alter the appearance after it has been set into place. Take the famous brand orange juice of Tropicana, for example. They saw an incredible 20% decline in sales, costs of millions of dollars in just two months, following the change in their logo and product packaging. Customers have been used to the traditional orange juice box with a name in green leafy and have not desired any improvement. They became true fans of the company’s success.

Overall, the style should first and foremost be timeless and appealing enough to never modify later. Although your logo can be changed successfully (looking at Instagram), something eye-catching is better created as your brand is constructed. This can be accomplished via cool gradients, optical illusions and a great graphic designer.

To make an impact with your logo design, you don’t need to be a major power player such as McDonald’s or Coca-Cola. Take the time to think really about these tips before you draw up the emblem of your business. Once you are ready, make sure to print from advertising to billboards, mailing and promotional gifts everywhere and everywhere.

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