Social Media for Business Growth

During a time when people from all over the world are unable to do something that was once taken for granted. Now it’s been about a month since the Coronavirus started turning our lives the wrong way up. It’s a difficult question many businesses are currently struggling to address – “how are you promoting your company on social media during the Coronavirus pandemic?”.

Social networking will help you learn from rivals, too. There has to be a valid explanation of why your rivals do better than you do. Know their techniques but not only copy them and adopt them. What works best for them is not necessarily in your best interest. Make their thoughts instead, your own.

By following the following pointers, you’ll leverage social media for business growth and maximize your impact.

Know Your Audience

This is always a vital piece of marketing of any sort at any time, but it’s most vital in times of such crisis. Marketing depends heavily on empathy, which in effect depends on an awareness of the people for whom you seek to communicate.

If you had been marketing your brand for a short period of time, you might be tempted to skip this step. You already know your customer, do you? Perhaps, but in its current state, does one know them? Are there additional openings for the audience that you really haven’t determined you should be exploring now? It doesn’t matter who you are-now is a perfect time to take a step back and get to know your ideal customers again.

Don’t stop posting

Now is not the time to calm your brand. Keep related to your followers, much as your own family and friends should. If you’re not willing to sell products and services right now, focus instead on sharing content that aligns with your core brand values.

Do some research, check-in with influencers targeting your clients, and do what you need to do to put yourself in the shoes of your clients. Are they doing jobs from home now? Looking to keep children occupied now that schools are closed? Are they trying to stay safe and fit while in quarantine?

Expect Uncertainty

No one can send you a detailed prediction of what brands and advertisers hold for the near future. We hope this crisis will eventually end and we know there is a lot of confusion on a number of fronts right now, at least. As such, we can’t plan the future as much as we did before. We need to be versatile and agile in our strategies and be able to pivot at any moment to the next thing. Using social media to educate your brand story, and differentiate yourself from the competition successfully.

Everybody and the customers also, love a good story. “Don’t forget that each person takes emotionally supported decisions and defends them with logic,”

Note, there is no rule book about what to do and post during a pandemic. Don’t be too harsh on yourself or on your company, you are not going to be the only one that’s struggling! Take some time out and consider your new marketing. Build some material. Get a new schedule and you’re going away.

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