The 10 Branding Commandments You Need to Follow

Brand awareness is one of the best weapons in the marketing arsenal. Regardless of what the company has to offer its clients, it is important to remember that consumers would only purchase brands that are easily recognized by them.


To help you create a better brand, we’ve gathered some of the best ideas!


1.Know Your Demographic

Choosing a brand that customers can readily recognise, the commitment of the target and demographic audiences is essential. Prior to making significant marketing decisions, the place, age and level of income of target customers should be considered.


2. Be Unique

It may seem like a good idea to make your brand sound like an established one, but in reality, it is a scramble. Regardless of how fine your watches could be, a Folex is never anything for the consumers other than a fake Rolex. First, seek to explain what your brand wants to be or say, or what it represents; the more concrete the concept is, the more original would the brand be. When you have a specific idea, try to think about what word, expression, or meaning the idea calls for.


Of course, with promotional items, if anything else fails you can still advertise your goods or services. There are various creative ways to make a giveaway over your regular business cards or pens. Websites like Ponoko offer a wide range of creative branding ideas, particularly how to differentiate from the competition. The importance of using promotional articles is one of their most insightful posts. The article displays all the fashionable things you can use to draw the crowd, from laser-graved goods to trendy sunglasses.


3. Brand Name and Domain Name Should Be Created Equal

For the reputation of your business and for building your brand online, a domain name is essential. You will test the usability of the domain name for your future web site when taking your final decision on a name for your brand or your company.


If the name of your clothing company is Great Buttons, you’ll lose business if people who search for find a completely unrelated company that sells something else. You may want to consider buying all the available similar domain names if they’re available (,, because it’s a very small investment to keep someone else from stealing some of your business (or, you know, just keep from confusing your customers).


4. Avoid Prefixes

Market research suggests that while certain brands have succeeded (as regards you, eBay and Apple), other companies with a business or product name beginning with the lower case letter have not succeeded. You may always mix your brand with words or concepts but clearly remove the prefix of your last name.


5. Stand Out from the Crowd

Some words are overused in such a way that the meaning is lost and the thousands of brands that use the same word are indistinguishable. Consider avoiding terms such as ‘world,’ ‘solutions’ and ‘tech’ in your brand name when you offer technical services. There are several other terms which have the same sense to make the point equally effective for consumers and differentiate you from competitors. Also do not annoy people with phrases like “Ace in the Pit,” “Take one in the Band,” or “Nine yards.” “Take one for the Team.”


6. Use Language Properly and Don’t Assume Anything

As a rule, you want to avoid incorrect capitalization or funny jokes. Naturally, you have an effective rule breaker for every rule. For instance, the famous Tumblr blogging platform is pretty good. Yet you can make your message as clear as you can if you want people to find out about your brand. It’s not just a brand name – it’s important to use good grammar and clear messaging in all your marketing and communication as professional and capable.
…using good grammar and clear messaging are important in all your marketing and communications.


7. Keep It Positive

Your customers are your biggest asset, and before they even know you, you don’t want to terrify them. You should typically be able to deal with confusing, obscene, or other debatable connections. Without succumbing to stereotypes or being crass, it is totally possible to be recognized as a cool, adventurous or even edgy brand.


8. Keep It Simple

Brand and product names should be easy to spell, easy to pronounce, and easy to remember. You should try to consider any tricky translation issues, too. Coca-Cola was first phonetically written in Chinese as ke-kou-ke-la, which means “bite the wax tadpole.” Since then, it has been revised to another close phonetic match, “ko-kou-ko-le,” which means “happiness in the mouth.” What a difference.


9. Make Your Name a Reflection of the Product

If the brand name is also a keyword or search term for your product or service, it will improve your SEO ranking – basically, you’ll be way easier to find on the internet. For example, Quality Logo Products sells promotional products and the company name includes two keywords: “logo” and “products”.


10.Market Testing

Have any direct input from clients, colleagues, focus groups, and everyone else who serves the target audience before the launch of the brand. Submit your thoughts and plans and then hear their suggestions. This is an essential test run before the future customers are brought to life. Make sure you listen to something offensive or confusing in your test market and tweak if appropriate.


Branding might be the most powerful part of creating visibility for your business, and it often represents the most significant and lasting investment (of everything from money to time to people) a company can make. So make it memorable and have fun!

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