Brand Identity Design in Singapore

We are a Singapore based branding agency. We design brand identities that help business connect their product and service with their audiences. Different brand elements unanimously define the brand personality when weaved with a story. Just like every person has a unique flair to exhibit, a brand needs to set the distinctive tone among the target audience, through brand identity design. It is all about conveying a clear and crisp message about your product or service, creatively. A brand’s vision is important to us. Keeping it in focus, we make the brand carry a character of its own, that keeps the brand on the top of the consumer’s mind.


Undoubtedly, the brand’s success is measured in the way the consumers perceive it. Hence, everything matters when it comes to design the strategy to project a brand, from its look, the smell, the touch and in cases of consumables, even taste. Our creative team in Singapore, therefore, blend together different brand elements like brand name, logo, colour palette, stationery, marketing collateral, social media presence, etc. to build a corporate identity. We help our client’s brand narrate its own story, that is not just emotionally stirring, but leaves an indelible impact in the market. The brand identity forms the core philosophy that maintains consistency in its communication and visual elements, that calls for a better brand recall value. It is equally important that the corporate identity design with its distinctive approach helps the brand to differentiate itself from its rivals.


Communications Innovation In Singapore

Many companies still believe that introducing new products is the only way a company can grow. While this strategy has done wonders for many, success doesn’t solely depend on product innovation. Marketing innovation has in fact proved to be immensely valuable in a company’s growth.


To optimise performance in a globalised market, the marketing communications needs to innovate and be creative. Ideas have to convert into reality with high-performing time-to-market strategies that generate competitive advantage.


We deliver innovative marketing solutions to help bring about competitive advantage and profitable sales growth through better marketing and information. By innovating and combining traditional and digital models, we have achieved proven success in getting a competitive edge for our clients.

Marketing Collateral Graphic Design Studio In Singapore

Let’s face it! It’s not as easy promoting the brands in Singapore or anywhere else in this world as it was a couple of decades ago. In today’s media landscape, the consumers decide how and when they want to receive information. Having a variety of medias to promote a brand can only add to dilemma. It’s crucial for agencies like us, to have a robust understanding of how to design and execute a marketing plan and the collateral communications that resonates with audiences. We have a sound understanding of medias that work at different instances and we can help you craft the perfect marketing plan that helps you connect with your audience.


Our approach is founded on the concept that advertising can evoke a variety of responses from the target audience.


Most importantly it can:

  • Change behaviour (e.g., convert you to a new brand or persuade a person  to try a new product)
  • Educate or remind a consumer (e.g., communicate availability or remind you of a key brand promise)
  • Evoke an emotional response (e.g., create a positive association for the brand, improve brand affinity, etc.)
  • Improve brand recognition and keep the brand top-of-mind versus its competitors (e.g., stand-out from other ads, remind people of the brand)


We achieve the results with print media, audio-visual media, social media, online media, digital media, alternative media, email marketing and other tactics.


Market Research & Analysis

For over a decade, our clients have been gaining from our perspective and insight.  We have a strong team who accurately predicts trends in every area of the various industries. As we track trends and form deeper insight into key industry topics, we help our clients see the landscape in the big picture. Our goal is to map our deep market research insights to the strategies of our clients. We strive to identify market trends early and provide insightful analysis on the impacts and opportunities of the trends for our clients.

Our primary consumer research is designed to gain insight behind the numbers. Our focus is to gauge market sentiment for a product segment or brands and look for market signals and trends. By maintaining our own consumer research panels in a number of major markets, we are able to gain deeper insights on the broader consumer market in a frequent and timely fashion. We use our primary research panels, alongside our syndicated research network, to collect unique data points.This data allows us to have a comprehensive view of the consumer behaviour globally with the products, services and brands.

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Brand Marketing Strategy

Strategy is the foundation for building and promoting a brand. Strategy is internal and begins with addressing the fundamentals like – developing the brand positioning, purpose, differentiation and experience. This leads to the creation of the brand communication strategy, or the external face and voice of the brand. Developing the marketing strategy involves rigor, processes and evaluation. It is the ability to focus on the essentials and getting the brand matrix right.


We enable you to make strategic marketing choices that recognize the importance of customer experience, identify profitable opportunities, competitors’ position, and create new customer value in ways that lead to sales and growth. We do this by evaluating your marketing plans and making recommendations for optimization based on customer data and marketing analytics.


We help you to:

  • Drive marketing operating efficiency
  • Identify the most profitable opportunities
  • Develop compelling, profitable new offers
  • Create engaging customer interactions in the right channels, at the right time

Our team seamlessly integrates data-driven insights with a deep understanding of what motivates behavioural change to create work that compels action.
We continually monitor results and optimize approaches along the way to ensure we meet or exceed our goals.
Our service areas include:

Pharma Communications

Healthcare reform has a far-reaching impact across all segments of healthcare, including retail pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy benefit managers and specialty pharmacies. Patient engagement, population health management and payment reform challenges abound while new state health insurance exchanges bring additional opportunities and threats.

Effective communications are critical to achieving the goals of pharmaceutical organizations today. That’s why leading pharmacies, pharmacy benefit managers and pharmaceutical companies rely on West Healthcare. We combine our deep healthcare experience and advanced technologies into innovative solutions that increase the accuracy of your communications, reduce your costs, improve your outcomes and foster your adherence to evidence-based protocols.

Our long history of proven success in driving consumer satisfaction and loyalty across many industries gives us the insight companies in the pharmaceutical/healthcare industry need to better engage today’s healthcare consumers. We do this by unifying our services, which include specialized agent services, intelligent call routing, IVR automation, web communication and interactive text messaging, into a cohesive business solution that targets your specific needs.

Adherence Monitoring

Help your consumers adhere to prescribed medication regimens and position your company as a leader in chronic disease management. You can target high-risk patients as part of a tightly managed care plan using automated outreach to improve speed, frequency and reach.

Engagement and Outreach

Drive engagement with proactive, personalized communications that demonstrate you know and understand your customers. Take advantage of customers’ preferred communication channels including SMS, web, voice, mobile and social media.

Engagement and Outreach

Drive engagement with proactive, personalized communications that demonstrate you know and understand your customers. Take advantage of customers’ preferred communication channels including SMS, web, voice, mobile and social media.

Medication Education

Help your consumers learn about medications and the benefits these can provide using a virtual