The WHO defines pharmaceutical advertising as – all information and persuasive activities executed by pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, attempting to affect the prescription, supply, purchase, and/or use of medical drugs.

Till a couple of decades ago, the drug representatives of pharmaceutical companies were greeted by HCPs (Healthcare Professionals) with open minds and with the intention of learning more about recent trends in medical diagnostic and treatment. All was well until the internet made an appearance. Today, for the HCPs, information to new therapy and drugs is easily available and accessible, thanks to the Internet. It had become increasingly difficult for Drug Reps and Pharma Cos to get appointments with HCPs, leave alone promoting the products to them.

We recognise and understand this challenge and our medical marketing communication team can help you in developing a strong brand communication to reach your target audience. We focus on identification of market communication channels, barriers and economy of the assignments. We are always attempting to exchange product related information in an innovative way to reach the 3Ps – Physicians, Pharmacists and Patients. Our innovative ways to represent drug information to the concern audience will help your organization to accelerate the product launch and market development process with desired time line. We use our research analytics to get an access to market challenges and our innovation creates the solution to bring the success.

Here is how we can help you with the medical marketing communication for your products

  • Brand identity design
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Detailing aid design – electronic as well as print
  • Sales training manuals
  • Web content
  • Brochure/ sales aid design
  • Poster design
  • Advertisement
  • Presentation slide design
  • Exhibition booth design

Based on the requirement we can also help you execute the campaign with support on copy, printing, fabrication, video, photography, public relations, etc.