We are ready to put your Brand in Motion

A circle in motion brings infinite possibilities to life. The world would cease to exist if it stood still. The wheel would have never been invented, had it lacked motion.

Likewise, a brand should remain in motion to grow and be profitable. No matter how good the product may be, it is the motion that gives it life and keeps it alive. Enthof is that force that can help keep it in motion.

the agency

‘Good enough’ is never good enough.

Formed as Imagine Advertising in 2013 in Mumbai, the agency was later renamed as Enthof Creatives because the word ‘Enthof’ resonated with our ideologies. It comes from a mathematical expression ‘nth of’, denoted by n°, where any number when raised to the power of N equals to infinity. This expression has been the core belief of our agency where we believe that ideas can always be improved, no matter how good they may be.


Putting hands and minds to work.

Good ideas are born through creative minds but are given life by skilful hands. Ideas without intended execution are just hot air. And execution without ideas is just labour. It gives us great pride in saying that we not only create clever ideas, but we also pay attention to perfect execution.


Networked to scale.

Enthof is not a traditional agency. It’s an ever-evolving cloud-based creative agency that uses a networked team of strategists, artists, digital marketeers and writers, while maintaining our own in-house core team to manage people and help build brands for our clients. Through advanced project management and CRM technology, our principals can work from anywhere in the world as long as they’re connected. Currently, about 25% of our team is in India, while the rest are split between Singapore, Europe and the United States.
We only recruit and maintain the brightest and the experienced. And with a wide network of partners, we have gained access to engage the best talent for various other services associated with our efforts.


Passion meets dedication.

We put our heart and soul into our work. That is why it is very important for us to love the projects we take up. And to work with people we like. We believe that is the only way to work. There can be no half measures. Each one of us takes personal pride in every pixel that we produce and ship.